Poster Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

The Lung Cancer Framework: Optimising lung cancer service delivery (#197)

Barbara Daveson 1 , Vivienne Milch 1 , Jennifer Chynoweth 1 , Le-Tisha Kable 1 , Melissa Austen 1 , Harleen Basrai 1 , David Salvestrin 1 , Rosemary Wade 2 , Cleola Andereisz 1 , Helen Zorbas 1
  1. Cancer Australia, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  2. Independent Health Researcher, Green Point, NSW, Australia


The Lung Cancer Framework aims to improve the outcomes and experiences of people affected by lung cancer in Australia by supporting uptake of the Principles for best practice management of lung cancer in Australia (Principles).


A mixed methods program of work, led by Cancer Australia, included:

  • A national Demonstration Project to demonstrate the delivery of lung cancer care, across varied service delivery settings, according to the Principles of: patient-centred care; timely access to evidence-based pathways of care; multidisciplinary care; care coordination, continuity and communication; and data-driven improvements.
  • Five systematic reviews to identify and synthesise the evidence on effectiveness of the Principles in improving lung cancer care processes and outcomes.
  • A rapid scoping of published literature regarding factors that assist in sustaining implementation of best practice strategies
  • A national summit to bring together key stakeholders to identify ways to support local application of the Principles.


The Demonstration Project evaluation identified a number of best practice strategies, tools and resources to optimise delivery of lung cancer care via quality improvement mechanisms. The systematic reviews indicated the Principles are associated with improved outcomes and experiences across a range of clinical and process outcomes. The rapid scoping identified the need for three resources to support implementation: A framework outlining the Principles and supporting evidence, a quick reference guide for healthcare professionals, and a consumer guide. The national summit brought together health professionals, service providers, consumers and policy makers to share opportunities and strategies to support national uptake of the Principles.


The Lung Cancer Framework is an evidence-based, national resource for health professionals and service providers who are involved in the care and treatment of people affected by lung cancer across Australia.  The Lung Cancer Framework supports those involved in lung cancer care to adopt multi-level strategies to optimise service delivery.