Poster Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

Non-pharmacological Approach to Cancer related pain (#257)

Judith Lacey 1
  1. Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Camperdown, NSW, Australia

As people are living longer with cancer as a chronic disease and the  continuing high prevalence of cancer related pain syndromes  there is an imperative to look at innovative ways to manage pain with a focus on non-opioid therapies.

Based on a recent workshop developed for an international audience this presentation will look at the treatment of common cancer related pain syndromes using evidence based interventions including acupuncture, exercise, touch therapies, mindfulness and the role of medicinal cannabis.

Current research into the benefit of acupuncture for management of aromatase inhibitor related arthralgia, potential use in immunotherapy related arthralgia, painful peripheral neuropathy and the role of touch and mind-body therapies to improve personalised symptom management will be presented.

Data from our clinical practice evaluation at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Comprehensive Cancer  centre and from the clinical practice group of the international Society of Integrative oncology will be presented to provide examples of successful strategies to integrate this approach into comprehensive cancer services.

The goal of this presentation is to expand knowledge of cancer pain psychophysiology and culturally appropriate and collaborative models for a holistic multidisciplinary approach for cancer related pain management. There is a critical need to understand these factors which influence the pain experience; to address gaps in care and highlight the relevance of integrative oncology and managing the opioid epidemic.