Oral Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

Up close and personal. How do we get the dose of cancer therapy right for every patient? (#89)

Christine V Carrington 1
  1. Department of Pharmacy, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Getting the dose right in cancer therapy is critical to maximise patient outcomes while minimising toxicity and adverse events. There are many challenges in delivering the optimal dose due to the intricate requirements of our treatment protocols, the relevance of individual patient parameters and the human factor of delivering care. 

Doses calculated on the basis of BSA or weight give us a sense of accuracy & safety however inter-patient variability in response and severity of toxicity may still occur. Dosing is usually based on a clinical trial where subjects are a relatively homogeneous group with minimal co-morbidities but replicating the requirements in the general, or less specific patient population can be challenging. Multiple dose calculations and dose adjustment in the context of patient specific parameters, organ function, adverse effects and co-morbidities potentiates the possibility of error and may introduce further unintended dosing anomalies. The practical process of prescribing, preparation, supply and administration of cancer therapy can also impact on the accuracy of the final dose delivered to the patient.

Ultimately there are a number of variables that can influence the final dose of treatment the patient receives. This presentation will provide an overview of the challenges we face in getting the optimal dose of cancer therapy to each and every patient.