Oral Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

Patient Decision Aids - improving understanding and avoiding decisional conflict (#96)

David Manners 1
  1. St John of God Public and Private Hospitals Midland, Midland, WA, Australia

Lung cancer screening of high-risk individuals with low dose CT can potentially provide benefits to individuals, primarily in the form of reduced lung cancer mortality, at the expense of risks such as exposure to radiation, over-diagnosis, stress and worry about results and opportunity costs from participating. Patient decision aids (PtDA) aim to provide unbiased information about the benefits and harms of different treatment options where neither option is clearly superior. The use of a lung cancer screening PtDA is mandated as part of U.S. Medicare funding for screening. This presentation will discuss the development of lung cancer screening PtDAs, describe the strengths and weaknesses of those available, criticisms of their use and conclude by outlining future research and implementation directions.