Poster Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

Access to phase 1 Clinical Trials Closer to Home-Integrating phase 1 trials in to a busy private practice (#409)

Fiona Jonker 1 , Jim Coward 1 , Adam Stoneley 1
  1. Icon Cancer Centre, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Encouraging trends in modern phase 1 oncology trials are claiming an increased response rate of up to 20%, with an increased focus of the efficacy of these trials rather than the toxicities as before.

Integrating phase 1 trials in to a busy private day oncology site might be a deterring factor for most, but we elected to take an intraperitoneal clinical trial hands on as our first phase 1 clinical trial. We have accrued close to 30 patients on 5 phase 1 trials over the last 15 months enabled through our rapid start-up processes and assisted by specialised providers. Majority of the trials are “basket studies” looking at a variety of patients with advanced solid tumours that have exhausted other options, and treatment offering to rare cancer types.

Risk mitigation, governance, multidisciplinary team drive, and input from both the sponsor and Clinical Research Organisation formed the basis and continues to be the platform for our phase 1 program. The growth and demand on resources is exponential and a good challenge for us to have.

A trial site can successfully incorporate and run a quality phase 1 program in a busy private day hospital, and offer more cancer patients access to clinical trials closer to home.