Monday, 12th November Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

8:30AM - 5:30PM
Monday, 12th November
Meeting Room 1 & 2

A small but significant group of patients can be challenging to engage in cancer care, sometimes due to co-morbid cognitive or mental health vulnerabilities, but often in the context of differing health belief systems. These scenarios can cause significant stress for the clinicians and services involved, particularly given the overlap with medico-legal issues.

This workshop will explore difficult issues in decision-making in the cancer setting for patients, families, staff and services including; the impact of early life trauma, co-morbid personality vulnerability, substance-dependence, challenging family dynamics and alternative health belief models. The neurobiology of decision-making will be discussed along with strategies for improving collaborative communication to improve outcomes for all.

Speakers: Lisa Miller, Jane Turner, Justin Dwyer, Fran Orr, Cathy Mason (TBA), Paula Watt (TBA) - Clinical Psychologist Private Practice, The Women's Centre (previously Breast Cancer Psychology Service

Chairperson: Lisa Miller, Cancer Liaison Psychiatrist and Lead Clinician Psycho-oncology Collaborative WA Cancer and Palliative care Network

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9:30AM - 4:00PM
Monday, 12th November
Meeting Room 3

This workshop will give an overview with respect to the role of health technology assessment and economic evaluation for cancer treatments in a contemporary Australian context. Challenges faced by stakeholders such as consumers, clinicians, decision makers, academics and industry will be discussed as well as opportunities to improve current processes and evidence base using real-world evidence. The workshop will be of interest to clinicians, policy makers, epidemiologists, health economists, analysts and researchers. 

Speakers: Anne Cust, the University of Sydney; Richard Norman, Curtin University; Sally Wortley, the University of Sydney; Richard de Abreu Lorenco, University of Technology Sydney; Rachael Moorin, Curtin University; Greg Cook, BMS Australia; Brian Wall, consumer representative

Chairperson: Paul A Scuffham, Deputy Director - Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Director - Centre for Applied Health Economics Griffith University


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8:45AM - 5:00PM
Monday, 12th November
Meeting Room 7
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St John of God Subiaco Hospital

The way clinical trials are managed is constantly changing due to technological advancements (for example eCRFs, patient administration systems and online ethics and governance systems including the National Mutual Acceptance Scheme) and legal requirements (contracts, indemnities). This workshop will cover these dynamic elements, and also present case studies to have an insight into the patient journey from diagnosis to cancer treatment. This workshop will provide an exciting update on the use of exercise as medicine in the management of cancer patients. Furthermore, we will provide an update on the conduct of phase 1 clinical trials, and the Research Governance Service used in Western Australia and how this may impact researchers outside of WA.

Speakers: Adeline Tan, Gynaecological Oncologist, Western Women's Pathology, WA; Raj Mohan, Gynaecological Oncologist (Surgeon), St John of God Subiaco, WA; Annika Andrews, Lawyer, St John of God Subiaco, WA; Eva Zopf, Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Exercise Oncology, Australian Catholic University

Chairperson: Sanela Bilic Project Manager, Gynaecological Cancer Research Group, St John of God Hospital Subiaco, WA

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8:30AM - 5:00PM
Monday, 12th November
Meeting Room 6
Chair: Michael Powell
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The COSA Cancer Pharmacists Group is pleased to announce our Clinical Development Workshop to be held on Monday 12th November at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, immediately prior to the 2018 COSA ASM. The program promises to deliver some unique and interesting insights into issues of relevance to cancer pharmacists and will compliment many of the themes of the COSA ASM.

Highlights of the program will include:

  • Therapeutic updates on mesothelioma and upper GI cancers
  • Hazardous drug handling
  • Updates for cancer pharmacists on recent conferences - ISOPP 2018 and World Cancer Congress
  • Digital Health 
  • Voluntary assisted dying
  • Medicinal cannabis
  • Interactive workshop with panel discussion on chemotherapy governance

This varied and dynamic program will be delivered by leading experts and experienced clinicians and aims to provide attendees with food for thought in a number of areas of topical interest and relevance for the cancer pharmacist.

The workshop organising committee would love to see you there so please mark this date in your calendars!

Coordinators: Courtney Oar, Michael Cain and Kimberley-Ann Kerr

Speakers: Rochelle Green, Lady Cilento Hospital; Melvin Wee Loong Chin, Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital; Dirk Arnold, University of Hamburg and Instituto CUG de Oncologia; Jim Siderov, Austin Hospital; Kimberley-Ann Kerr, SA Pharmacy; Juli Moran, Austin Health; Courtney Oar, Icon Group Pharmacy Services; Daniel McKavanagh, Princess Alexandra Hospital and Christine Carrington, Princess Alexandra Hospital


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